My teaching echoes my research by examining aesthetics and cultural practices with an attention to media specificity. I show my students that traditional humanistic modes of inquiry remain necessary for understanding and for improving our relationships with others and with technology. Students learn to engage, as humanities scholars, with the technical media and social systems that operate often in the background of their daily lives. Close readings of novels compose the bedrock of my pedagogy, and I guide students in tracking concepts and problems across fictional, historical, and theoretical texts.

Student Feedback

“One of my favorite professors at Duke. Brilliant, engaging, passionate about what he’s teaching, accessible, fun.”

“One of the best teachers I’ve ever had. His understanding of SciFi but also knowledge outside the course material is impeccable. As an introduction to literature this teacher introduces how a literature guru thinks and draws information into the course.”

“Great professor who is very knowledgeable about the subject matter and about many intertwining subjects.”

“A really good course! Insightful discussion, good choice of literature, mind-bending (in a good way) theoretical readings.”

Award for Course Quality in 2016

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