Continue to gain experience and education in software engineering while levying a decade’s experience with academic research, writing, and editing to help businesses document and integrate the optimal computing tools for their needs.

Work Experience

  • Postdoctoral Associate in Media Theory, Program in Literature, Duke University — September 2020 to August 2023

    • Assisted department chair Dr. Mark Hansen with research and writing projects.
    • Published two peer-reviewed journal articles and one book chapter.
    • Designed and taught two seminars: one graduate and one undergraduate.
  • Researcher — Jury-X, Chapel Hill, NC — Nov. 2019 to Mar. 2020

    • Investigated and assessed suitability of potential jurors for client attorneys in real time using online databases and social media.
    • Promoted to monitoring court transcripts and writing in-depth juror profiles.
    • Developed efficient and legible abbreviation style for court records.
  • Front-end Web Developer — Duke University — Fall 2019 to March 2020

    • Developed a website for S-1 Speculative Sensation Lab using Hugo static site generator and Netlify: s-1lab.org .
    • Created and maintained a website for BrainCultures humanities lab using WordPress: sites.duke.edu/BrainCultures .
  • Editor — Division of Occupational Science, UNC–Chapel Hill — September 2019

    • Collated and edited self-study document for Graduate School review.
    • Formatted tables, figures, appendices, and CVs for both print and HTML electronic access.
    • Ensured document’s legibility and ease of navigation for administrators and campus visitors.
  • Instructor — Global Cultural Studies, Duke University — Spring 2015 & 2016

    • Designed and taught two writing-intensive undergraduate seminars, which received excellent feedback including an award for quality of instruction and intellectual stimulation.
    • Lectured and guided discussions about digital technologies, science fiction, media studies, and literary and film criticism.
    • Provided constructive feedback on writing assignments in a timely fashion and encouraged improvement by offering new grades for rewrites.
  • Teaching and Research Assistant — Program in Literature, Duke University — Fall 2012–Fall 2016

    • Provided written feedback on students’ writing assignments.
    • Met with students to discuss course materials.
    • Managed course websites.
  • Legal Secretary — Gray & Prouty, Sacramento, CA — September 2011–May 2012

    • Reviewed and submitted legal documents and subpoenaed records.
    • Coordinated scheduling for supervising attorney, depositions, court dates, and plaintiff doctor appointments.
    • Maintained timely correspondence with clients, plaintiff attorneys, and judges.

Open-Source Contributions

  • Borg backup : Implemented conversion of shell-style alternatives to regular expressions including tests and documentation (PR #7619).
  • tabout.nvim : Updated function calls for neovim plugin (PR #48).
  • QMK Firmware : Contribute keymaps for open-source keyboard firmware via GitHub pull requests.

Personal Development Projects

Flower Catalog

  • Built a full-stack responsive website for cataloging, searching, and selling flowers (Flask, SQLAlchemy, elasticsearch, TailwindCSS, HTMX, nginx, gunicorn).


  • Simple version control system built following test-driven development (Python, Click, pytest, mypy).

Geographical Distribution of Endangered Languages


Duke University

  • Ph.D., Graduate Program in Literature, 2018.
    • Dissertation argues for an original interpretation of the co-evolution of humans and tools. Synthesizes philosophies of science and technology with analyses of pop cultural media including Dungeons & Dragons, electric guitar effects pedals, astrophotography, and videogame graphics.

University of California, Davis

  • BA, English, with highest honors, 2011
    • Elliott Gilbert Memorial Prize for Best Honors Thesis, June 2011
  • BA, History, with honors, 2011

Other relevant training

  • Sacramento City College — 2023
    • Algorithm Design and Implementation (CISP 301)
  • UC Davis, Continuing and Professional Education — 2022
    • Data Preparation, Modeling and Visualization with Python
    • Python for Data Analysis

Professional Service and Collaborations

  • Review Board Member — Angelaki: Journal of the Theoretical Humanities — December 2017 to May 2023
    • Wrote reports on article submissions assessing suitability for publication.
  • Member — S-1 Speculative Sensation Lab, Duke University — Fall 2012 to Fall 2019
    • Collaborate on artistic projects and critical writing with faculty, graduate students, and visiting scholars.
    • Networked Synaesthesia — Conceived arduino-based, multi-sensory, multiplayer hack of Super Mario. Managed an eight-member team in project’s development and performance.
  • Panel Organizer and Chair at Annual Conferences of the Society for Literature, Science, and the Arts — 2015, ‘17, ‘19.
  • Delivered a dozen conference presentations as well as numerous guest lectures. For a full list, please see my CV.
  • “Teaching and Learning in the Humanities” Intern at the National Humanities Center, Durham NC — June–July 2017
    • Collaborated with graduate students and local public high school teachers to produce modular lesson plans.

Awards and Grants

  • National Science Foundation Conference Travel Grant — $594 — November 7–10, 2019
    • Presenter and panel organizer, 33rd Annual Conference of the Society for Literature, Science, and the Arts (SLSA), Irvine, CA.
  • Katherine Goodman Stern Fellowship, Duke University — Academic Year 2017–2018
    • Competitive award for dissertation completion.
    • $22,912 stipend plus health insurance, tuition, and fees.
  • Conference Travel Award, Graduate School, Duke U. — $700 — November 10, 2017
    • Presenter and panel organizer, 31st Annual Conference of the Society for Literature, Science, and the Arts (SLSA), Tempe, AZ.
  • Teaching Award, Trinity College, Duke University — Spring 2016
    • Rated top 5% in “Quality of Course and/or Intellectual Stimulation” for an undergraduate seminar.
  • Black Family Fellowship Fund for Summer Research, Duke U — $5500 — 2016
  • Prof Robert S. Rogers Fellowship Fund for Summer Research, Duke U — $5500 — 2015
  • Conference Travel Award, Graduate School, Duke University — $700 — November 15, 2015
    • Presenter and panel organizer, 31st Annual Conference of the Society for Literature, Science, and the Arts (SLSA), Houston, TX.
  • Summer Research Grant, Graduate School, Duke University — $5500 — 2014

Academic Publications

Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles

  • “Building, Coding, Typing: Defining Technological Individuation through Custom Mechanical Keyboard Culture,” Computational Culture 8 (2021): Link .

  • “Contact Traces: On the Creative Technology of Videogame Gore,” Discourse: Journal for Theoretical Studies in Media and Culture 42.3 (Fall 2020): 356–384.

  • “Interstitial Life and the Banality of Novelty in Whitehead’s Process and Reality,” Process Studies 47.1-2 (2018): 26-46.

  • “Of Fear and Exaltation: The Sublime Autonomy of Finance,” Angelaki: Journal of the Theoretical Humanities 21.2 (2016): 83-98.

  • “Analogizing Data: The Real Subsumption of Manifest Destiny by Capital,” Hyperrhiz 13 (November 2015): http://hyperrhiz.io/hyperrhiz13/sensors-data-bodies/manifest-data-rambo.html .

Essays in Book Collections