Over the years, I have designed posters for department events at Duke. I’ve made most with Canva (free, not premium). The main constraint is to fit in all the information: event info for the lecture, the seminar, co-sponsors, QR code, and so on. Packing it all in while maintaining a pleasing amount of the backdrop image is a fun puzzle.

Srinivas Aravamudan Annual Lectures in Critical Theory

2022: Catherine Malabou

Catherine Malabou visit poster

2019: John Durham Peters

John Durham Peters visit poster

2018: Kaja Silverman

Kaja Silverman visit poster

2017: N. Katherine Hayles

Before the official inauguration of the Srinivas Aravamudan Annual Lecture, the Program in Literature gathered some of Kate’s former students as well as notable scholars that have worked alongside her to celebrate her retirement from Duke. This flyer was made in (gasp!) Microsoft Word.

N. Katherine Kayles event poster

Other events

Lauren McLeod Cramer

Lauren McLeod Cramer visit poster

SA Smythe

SA Smythe poster